SportsEngine Registration: Summerlin South Little League

2021 Spring Coach and Volunteer Application



Thank you for considering volunteering to coach or otherwise assist a baseball, softball, or tee ball team in Summerlin South Little League. 

This portal is for those who wish to be considered as an assistant coach, scorekeeper, team parent, or other volunteer for a team.  IF YOU WISH TO VOLUNTEER TO MANAGE A TEAM, PLEASE RETURN TO AND CHOOSE THE MANAGER APPLICATION PORTAL. 

By volunteering to be an assistant coach, you are not guaranteed a position.  Summerlin South Little League permits managers to select his/her own assistants, subject to Board approval and the assistants completing the appropriate background check. In addition, the league strictly regulates the number of assistant coaches on each team. 

Summerlin South Little League also permits managers to select team parent(s) and scorekeeper(s), also subject to them completing an appropriate background check.

If you wish to proceed to volunteer for one of these positions, please fill out the applications on the pages that follow.




Please direct questions to:

Brandon Barkhuff